When you ask people, what is the church?
The responses are widely varied depending on who you ask.

For some it’s the place where they used to go. For others it might be where some of their family or friends attend. There are also those who attend their church with dedication and faithfulness. I have observed that the church remains a mystery to most of our society.

It would seem that maybe the church needs to be re-introduced into public life in its true biblical form. If the church is presented in a way that is inconsistent with its original biblical template, then understanding the church’s true purpose is missed. Jesus established the church for the purpose of saving, loving and helping people.

If you are looking for a place to belong, to grow in faith and serve the Lord then you will be right at home here with us.  Our church family is committed to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, the fellowship of the body of Christ, and the evangelization of the lost.   

Let me personally thank you for visiting with us and I trust that you will be blessed! 

If we can be of spiritual help to you, please let us know. 

God’s best to you, 

Pastor Rodney  

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